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Dog Bather / Full-Time (32-40 hours per week), Year-Round

Wage offered: 17.50/hour. Wage increases after 6 months from start date (Approximately 768 work hours) by $1 per hour to $18.50/hr. Thereafter wage will maintain at least a minimum rate of 120% of New Jersey State minimum wage.

Dog bather should be able to accomplish the following duties: 

Combing and brushing dogs, regulating water temperature, washing dogs with special soap or shampoo and conditioner (and knowing which to use for unique situations), properly drying the dog, clipping/filing toenails, shaving paw pad hair, minimal scissor work. Maintaining the work area and keeping it clean as well as organized, including vacuuming and end of day cleaning is important to the position. Employees will gain skills and experience commensurate with their work and desire to advance. Bather must be comfortable handling dogs of varying breeds, sizes and temperaments. Water-Protective gear may be provided; however, all bathers must wear shoes/feet/body-covering attire consistent with a wet/slippery/damp/hairy work environment (IE. closed toed, waterproof/resistant, slip-proof/resistant).

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