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Van Riper Ellis Christian School

We are a non-profit Christ-centered institution. We are not subsidized by the church, which makes tuition our primary source of income. The school is a licensed facility that complies with all applicable provisions of the N.J. Manual of Requirements and maintains a facility that insures high-quality care and education for your children.

Family Support Organization of Bergen County

FSOBC is a component of the NJ Division of the Children's System of Care (CSOC) within the NJ Department of Children & Families. We provide direct family-to-family peer support to families enrolled int eh Care Management Organization. FSOBC also provides education, advocacy and other supports to family members of children with emotional and/or behavioral challenges. In addition to families experiencing emotional/behavioral challenges, we support families with developmental/intellectual delays and substance abuse challenges. We welcome you to become an active participant in the FSOBC. Please feel free to come by or visit