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Welcome to the Fair Lawn Chamber of Commerce Website

The beginning of the year is a time of change – a new start, an opportunity to get out of bed, brush your teeth, put on your clothes (and of course your mask) and go out and face the new day. That can, of course, be said about every day of the year, but somehow, the new year carries the promise of a new beginning. A clean slate waiting for the broad strokes of new chalk, new ideas, new commitments to a greater you.

Welcome back to the Fair Lawn Chamber of Commerce. If you’re reading this now, it’s because you have decided to be a part of this vital organization, and we thank you for that first step.

But being a member of the Chamber is so much more than sending in your dues check and hoping for the best. Talk to any long-time member, former president or board member and they will tell you that indeed you reap what you sow. Involvement breeds success.

Are you a retail store owner? Reach out and TELL US how we can help you build your business.

Are you a local Restaurateur? The Chamber offers many opportunities during the course of the year to showcase your specialties in the form of our Annual Taste of our Town (coming up in just a few weeks), possible networking events at your place of business, our December Holiday Party… our Annual Restaurant Week. Once the Covid situation is back under control, we plan to begin holding in-person monthly membership meetings once again, catered by local food businesses. Contact Toni for further information about how you can be a part.

Do you own a local service business? A small contracting company perhaps. There is nothing like the exposure you can get by attending monthly meetings, business card exchanges and networking events, making contacts that can translate directly to business opportunities.

Local banks, real estate offices, healthcare professionals, investment and financial services. The list goes on and on, and the ONE thing they all have in common is growth built on personal relationships fostered by social and business interaction.

As an active Chamber member, you will learn about things happening in and around the Borough of Fair Lawn- Physical Improvements to the infrastructure, Economic developments in the major business corridors around town. All changes that have a direct effect on you and your business. As your new President, I will do what I can to assist and support you in your efforts.

And our active affiliation with the ICC, the Inter Chamber Consortium, broadens your networking sphere to a much wider, opportunity-filled world of potential business connections. Like a fancy dinner, it may require a little more work, but the rewards are worth it.

And finally, I thank you for your confidence in me, to serve once again as President of this great organization. If you have questions, suggestions, a desire to get more out of the Chamber, I welcome your call to me personally… or to the Chamber Office. If I can’t answer your question, I’m certain Toni can. And if somehow we can’t, rest assured that we will work to find the answers you seek.

You will learn in upcoming newsletters about other learning and growing opportunities offered by the Chamber. Find one that intrigues you and jump on board. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Welcome to YOUR Chamber of Commerce.
Jack Donohue